Why Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery?

Mohs surgery is not the the only procedure to treat skin cancer. Skin cancer can be treated in a variety of different ways, including scraping, freezing, burning, and radiation. Some skin cancers, however, need to be treated with a procedure that will remove the entire cancer and reduce the risk of it coming back. Some procedures are not as reliable because they rely solely on what is visible to the human to see what parts of the skin are affected. However, with Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery the doctor uses a microscope to examine the extent of the affected tissue. With other methods of treatment, too little (or too much) skin could be removed, resulting in greater risks of reoccurrence or unnecessary scarring.  
Here are some types of skin cancers that should be treated with Mohs surgery:

  • Cancers in the most visible ares of the body (the face, neck, scalp, legs, toes, or fingers).
  • Cancers that are rapidly growing or large
  • Cancers that have recurred and were treated previously
  • Cancers with borders that are not easy to see
  • Cancers that require the highest cure rate
  • Cancers where the scarring should be as minimal as possible (in cosmetically visible areas)

Mohs Surgery | Gainesville, FL

If you’re looking for Mohs Surgery in Gainesville, FL, come to Gainesville Skin Cancer Center at Serenola and see Dr. Charles Stoer and Dr. Daven N. Doshi, Gainesville’s Mohs specialists.