First and foremost we are a center that specializes in the treatment of skin cancer, all forms and all levels of complexity.Treatment of skin cancer with Mohs surgery (Mohs micrographic surgery by fellowship-trained, board-certified dermatologic surgeons):

Photodynamic Therapy for pre-cancers

  • Blue Light

The Gainesville Skin Cancer Center’s main focus is the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer, precancerous skin changes, and skin lesions. While surgery remains the mainstay of care for most skin cancers, cutaneous oncology is a rapidly evolving field and we are continually incorporating new treatment modalities for our patients’ needs. The addition of light therapy and new topical medications have proven beneficial in treating a broad variety of skin problems and conditions.

Mission Statement

The Gainesville Skin Cancer Center at Serenola Plantation is a state of the art facility where highly trained, experienced professionals are committed to competence and integrity in our service to our clientele. We strive to deliver this care with recognition that we all desire and deserve respect, compassion, and individual choices in the health care we receive. Our vision is to create a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where nature plays an assisting role in being healthy. We also believe that technology, while important, can never replace human to human interaction and effective communication.

What “Mohs” is

Mohs Micrographic Surgery (invented by Dr. Frederick Mohs) is the stepwise, precise, and highly analytical method of excising skin cancer in which the physician performs both the removal and the microscopic analysis and mapping (pathology) of the removed specimen. The precision and complete analysis of the tissue allows tighter margins with the resultant preservation of normal anatomy coupled with the highest cure rates achievable for skin cancer therapies. The procedure coupled with the repair can generally be accomplished in one day in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia only. Mohs surgery is generally reserved for head and neck or hand lesions, but it is also appropriate for all recurrent or aggressive skin cancers which are large or in difficult areas to treat.

While many dermatologists offer Mohs surgery to their clientele, fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons with a full year of intensive training under an experienced supervising M.D. are generally called on for the more difficult skin cancer cases. Both of our Mohs surgeons are fellowship-trained, board-certified, and members of the American College of Mohs Surgery (ACMS).