Benefits of Mohs Surgery

Since Dr. Stoer and Dr. Doshi have completed a fellowship in Mohs Surgery, you can be confident in their ability to achieve excellent results.

If Mohs surgery has been recommended, you can be confident that you’re receiving the gold standard in skin cancer treatment. Mohs surgery gives you the highest potential cure rate of any skin cancer treatment. The cure rate for two common skin cancers – basal and squamous cell carcinoma – is typically over 95% with Mohs surgery.

This high cure rate is possible because Dr. Stoer and Dr. Doshi use a microscope to sequentially examine small slices of tissue removed during the surgery. This will allow Dr. Stoer and Dr. Doshi to make an accurate map of the diseased tissue so they can remove all the cancer but spare as much healthy skin as possible.

With other techniques that don’t include such careful examination, it’s possible to miss hidden “roots” or “fingers” of cancer cells. If these cancer cells – which are invisible to the naked eye – are not removed, the cancer will re-grow.

Excellent cosmetic results are another benefit of Mohs surgery. In addition to preserving as much healthy tissue as possible, this technique is combined with reconstructive surgery to minimize scarring. Often, Dr. Stoer and Dr. Doshi will be able to perform the reconstructive surgery at the same time the cancer is removed.

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